StoreTech gives you real-time footfall data and alerts
so you can match cleaning to demand

People counting for FM

StoreTech answers your questions in real-time all day long;

  • How many people use the facilities?
  • What is the pattern of use across 24 hours?
  • What is happening at the weekend and on bank Holidays?
  • Which facilities are being used more?
  • What is the difference in male and female usage?
  • How do you know if there is a sudden increase in the use of certain facilities?

Now, all your resourcing decisions can be data-driven.

Cost savings

  • Simplest way to find cost savings
  • No more overcleaning
  • Ideal tool for 6 Sigma

Your clients will value this too

  • Demonstrates governance
  • Helps clients price today’s flexible workspaces and decide on refurbishment priorities
  • Use the system beyond washrooms e.g, canteens, meeting rooms, campus entrances

Stand out from the competition

  • Demonstrate to prospects that you match resource to need
  • Install counters and dashboards temporarily for data-driven decisions
  • Start with washroom monitoring but ultimately measure anything – e.g temperature