Understand your business so you can make data driven decisions

Actionable Dashboards

Heatmap showing footfall for each washroom everyday

  • Look for the trends and plan ahead
  • Click on a washroom to see the pattern of usage within the day
  • When is the best time of day to clean?
  • What’s happening at the weekend and on Bank Holidays?
  • Which is the busiest day?
  • Which tenants uses the facilities more?
  • Is there a difference of footfall for between male and female washrooms?


Graph showing footfall for a washroom throughout the day

  • Look at the pattern of use throughout the day
  • 9 to 5 versus 24 hour use
  • When are the peaks?
  • When is the best time to clean?
  • Does the use relate to the type of tenant?

Optimise your washroom cleaning

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